About Us

At CrossFit Freaks our philosophy is simple, we aim to ensure our athletes learn the fundamental movements and keep strict safe technique whenever training. We believe learning the basics and continuing to use near perfect technique will greatly reduce chances of injury. We expect all athletes to always train hard and push themselves, we except them to never bring their ego but always keep their integrity. Workout (WOD) results matter only to you BUT everyone cares if you cheat.

Our Motto is Forging Fitness Freaks and in fact we have really forged a family of Freaks. The atmosphere in our Box is friendly and laid back, everyone loves to see everyone else hit PB’s, finish WOD’s and push themselves past what they thought were their limits. Everyone knows everyone and new athletes are always welcomed into our family on their first session.

Our great coaching staff are always happy to help, whether it may by exercise tips, mobility or nutrition you only need to ask.

Don’t be freaked out by CrossFit, join CrossFit Freaks and become a Fitness Freak. Regardless of your age, gender or fitness levels CrossFit is for you. All Workouts are scaled and can be modified to suit beginners and intermediates.