Andrew Simon


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Andrew has been in the fitness industry since 2003, starting off as a Personal Trainer. He was introduced to CrossFit back in 2009 and completed his Level 1 Certificate in April of 2010 and soon after started Live 4 CrossFit which in 2014 changed names to CrossFit Freaks. Since 2010 CrossFit Freaks has grown from very humble beginnings with about 30m2 of space allocated inside Vitality Health & Fitness Studio to opening up a separate facility and in 2016 rejoined forces with Vitality Health & Fitness Studio. CrossFit Freaks now offers all its athletes the option of 24 hour access to the Gym and CrossFit Equipment.


Andrew has gone on to complete many speciality CrossFit Courses and is constantly looking for new ways to improve athlete performance and improve programming so that CrossFit Freaks athletes get what their after and that is to become Fitness Freaks.

Andrew’s Qualifications:

Phone: 0410 40 50 60