Getting started

Your first session at Live 4 CrossFit is Free. We are sure you will love the programming and the friendly athletes that train here and want to come back. Once you decide that it is for you and you commit yourself to the 1st month of becoming a Fitness Freak you will then need to book in to complete your Fundamental training. Three intense 1 hour one-on-one sessions where you will learn the fundamental movement of CrossFit. These sessions are great and will help guide you in the start of your fitness journey and more importantly the better your technique the less chance you have of injuring yourself.

Once you have completed your Fundamental training that isn’t the end of your learning and development, its still the beginning. You will constantly be testing your training limits with movements that you probably never thought you could or would ever do, lifting weights that you otherwise would have thought impossible to lift but I assure you that you will surprise yourself. All you need to do is start and it will happen.