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Introduction about CrossFit FREAKS

At CrossFit FREAKS we understand that every athlete needs to make their own different journey in fitness. We are passionate about helping you get through that journey. Our philosophy is simple, we aim to ensure our athletes learn the fundamental movements and keep strict safe technique whenever training (this way you spend more time training and less time injured). By taking the time to learn and by having a great foundation you are able to train to your maximum capacity and that means getting the results you want FAST. We expect all our athletes to always train hard and push themselves BUT we also want you to enjoy your training and have FUN along the way.

Our "Freak" Family is always welcoming towards new athletes and we really do make you feel like you are a part of something special. The atmosphere is really important as it will encourage you to push yourself during each WOD (Workout) and to also keep returning for more. It's always great training with friends and family.


What is our $450 Cash Back Offer?

We want to invest in you, to help you reach your fitness goals. Click on the image to view our full promotion.


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